Many years ago, the nephilim Ira, daughter of an angel and a human, made a deal with the twin demons Asmoday and Belial. But the memories of those times are confusing and incomplete. When a mysterious individual begins to kill one nephilim after another, Ira finds a clue that may help her clear the mystery surrounding her memories, but following it is risky and potentially deadly.

‘Herem’ is a comic that was first published by the Spanish publisher EDT back in 2013 as the first book of a series of two. Unfortunately, the publisher went down later that year and the second volume was never released. I decided to keep working on it and finish it on my own. It’s been a bumpy road since then, being a personal unpaid project, I have to leave it aside whenever a freelance job comes in. I still work whenever I have a chance. You can read the whole volume 1 and what’s available of volume 2 online for free.